Wedding Planning Consultation service

Wedding Planning Consultation Service

As a couple you may know exactly when and where you want to get married. You may have loads of ideas in your head, and may even have a lot of advice and knowledge from your family, friends and local community that you can tap into. While this is great there will be some instances where you just don’t have all the answers, or know where to go and who to contact.

At Event Affairs, we are passionate about creating solutions for bridal couples and making their lives easier. It’s true, we love nothing more than getting our hands dirty and planning all the nitty gritty of your big day, but we also feel strongly about being able to assist brides in any way possible. From this desire, the idea of wedding consultations was born, where we can coach bridal couples through all aspects of planning their big day. With our wedding planning knowledge, we will pass our experience on to those bridal couples that are just feeling a little overwhelmed, or just need some guidance and support. Our hourly wedding planner consultation service is ideal for couples who need some advice, direction and suggestions for their wedding, and who may benefit from just spending a handful of hours to help get their planning on the right track.

We have a number of different consultation packages to suit all couple’s budgets and requirements, so all you need to do is decide which one is for you and we’ll see you on the consultation couch. Sessions can be done over skype from the comfort of your own home.

Full Planning Package:

If your to-do lists are growing exponentially without that satisfying tick next to even one item; or you just don’t know where to begin with creating your list, this option is perfect for you. It’s an all-encompassing package with a total of 10 sessions where we guide you through each and every aspect of your wedding, assist with conceptualisation, suppliers and actionable to-do lists. We’ll provide the support you need as you embark on your wedding planning journey.

Part Planning Package:

This package involves 5 sessions of which you can choose the aspects of your wedding you would like covered. This option is great if you are mostly on track but there are a couple things that you are struggling with. Whether it’s sourcing the right vendor or you’re just not sure of the logistics, we will assist you in making those ideas and concepts come to fruition.

As and When Package:

If you’re not sure how many sessions you will need or you don’t want to commit to a set amount of sessions, this ‘pay as you go’ option will work perfectly for you. Book your initial consultation with us to chat about where you are at and we can take it from there.