How to motivate staff working from home.

How to motivate staff working from home.

With all the dreary news of increasing infections, treacherous economy and awful crime stories, now is your opportunity to shed some positive light over your team. Sending out communications that fit your company culture, of opportunity, excitement and some fun will really go a long way to uplift everyone. Here are three simple tips on how to motivate staff working from home.

Virtual Get Together
Organise a virtual get together, where everyone can unwind, chat and catch up – a ‘no work’ agenda. Create a theme, maybe put forward a light-hearted topic to chat about, have a dance-off or a mask bedazzling competition. Make it fun, relaxed and focus on getting everyone to connect and feel part of a community

Get Competitive
Have a competition – create team spirit and get some competitive juices running by having a pub quiz-type tournament, or a fun, weekly general knowledge question. You could run it as a tournament too and the staff member to get the most questions right wins a prize.

Give back – provide an opportunity for your staff to nominate a charity or cause close to their heart where everyone can get involved to give back to their community. It will create a sense of positivity, ubuntu, and make everyone feel good too. 

Send me a mail on today and we’ll put together a ‘motivation package’ for your staff, a plan that is aligned to your company culture, that can be rolled out over the next few months.

Until then, stay safe.

Yours virtually,

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