How to Choose your Wedding Photographer

How to Choose your Wedding Photographer

Choosing your wedding photographer is no small feat. Being one of the most significant and memorable days of your life, you want it to be captured perfectly to suit your style as well as your budget. We share some advice on what to consider when looking for, and booking your wedding photographer.

1. Style

Each and every wedding photographer shoots in a specific way, otherwise known as their style. As a couple, you need to decide what style you love before you start the photographer search. Here are some styles you may want to consider:

• Naturalistic
These photographers go for natural light and natural settings. They are great for the shy bride who doesn’t want a photographer in their face or for the couple that wants a more relaxed approach with few scheduled photographers.

• Documentary Style
This is a photojournalistic approach to wedding photography giving your photographer free reign to shoot what they feel perfectly captures the day. These photographers also don’t like to schedule posed pictures as they allow all the moments to unfold naturally.

• Artistic
Perfect for the couples who are artistic and creative. These photographers focus on different concepts and are quite free in the way they shoot. They often use interesting and creative ways of editing, so your photo’s come out original and personal.

Ale & Joel -115Gavin Casey Photography

2. Research and Shortlist

Do your research – ask friends, family and colleagues for referrals and do some online searches. Then compile a list of your preferred photographers. Check their social media sites as well as their websites to give you an idea of how many weddings they’ve done, their style and consistency, if they have a positive interaction with their social media fans and look for any reviews or testimonials. Once you have shortlisted your preferred photographers, get in touch with them and get a feel for their interaction with you. Schedule a meeting, phone call or Skype call and talk through what you have in mind for the day as well as the style you are fond of. This will setup your expectations from the start and you can get a feel for whether it will be a good fit.

VIVIDBLUE-MG-Wedding095Vivid Blue Photography

3. Comfort

It’s important for you and your Fiancé to feel comfortable on your wedding day. You may not mind a photographer up close and personal, or you may want them to be in the background while you focus on enjoying your day with your friends and family. Whatever makes you most at ease is what you should choose and again, communication beforehand is key.

RGP_0201 copyRyan Graham Photography

4. Budget

A wedding photographer’s package can range from R15 000 to R60 000 dependent on their experience. When doing your research, request photographers packages and once you’ve compiled your shortlist, compare what they offer. Ensure you compare apples with apples. There are some photographers that are negotiable or will adjust their package to meet your budget so if you find ‘The One’ but they are a little out of your budget, don’t be shy to have a conversation with them about adjusting their package.

RGP_0364Ryan Graham Photography

5. Turnaround Time

Photographers editing time depends on how long it takes them to edit your photographs as well as how many other weddings they have booked over the wedding season. You can expect to wait up to 6 weeks for your pictures however if you book a highly popular photographer, it could be longer. This is an important question to ask your photographer before you confirm them.

EJ__0229Kristi Agier Photography

6. Booking your Photographer

Wedding photographers get booked up a year in advance so booking your photographer should be one of your first wedding planning tasks. Most photographers will ask for a deposit to secure the date so once you have decided on your wedding date and venue, pay that deposit to your photographer!

Vivid-Blue-FJ-wedding217Vivid Blue Photography

Keep in mind that most photographers won’t refund you the booking deposit if you change your mind so make sure you are 100% happy. Check the terms of their contracts, ask for contactable references and raise any queries or concerns you may have before signing on the dotted line. As wedding planners, we research and vet all the photographers in the industry. We present a selection of reputable photographers to our bridal couples to choose from which are in line with their budget and style therefore dissipating the anxiety around booking a photographer. If you are overwhelmed with this process, consider booking a wedding co-ordinator to guide you through the process.

Keep Calm,
The EA Team.