5 Tips on how to host a successful virtual conference for your clients.

5 Tips on how to host a successful virtual conference for your clients

There’s no reason why you can’t host a virtual conference for your current or potential clients. The key to pulling it off excellently and impactfully follows the same formula as we shared in our previous blog; How To Stay In Contact With Your Clients During Social Distancing.  Click HERE to go and take a look, then hurry back because here are five additional tips on how to do virtual conferencing like a boss. 

Show you care
Ensure you have some beautiful touchpoints such as personalised gift boxes sent to their office or home. If you have a product-based business, then offering discount codes or special deals to purchase your product are also very effective

Be tech-savvy
Technology and connectivity are incredibly important. You don’t want to waste your clients’ precious time if a speaker is unable to connect, or you don’t know the full functionality of the software you’ve opted to use.

Do your homework
Content is key! so ensure you are adding value, providing enriching content, and using your client's time adequately.

Watch the clock
Be time conscious and keep to the schedule. With people working from home, there are kids, pets, contractors, and all sorts of things to juggle so be mindful of this.

Stay fresh
Readjust the format. Remember, showing slide after slide, as you do at an in-person conference won't work in the virtual world. Your audience needs to see the speaker for about 90% of the time, with only the absolute essential points on slides for the rest of the time.

The bottom line is that we should always be mindful of the fact that working from home has us ‘Zoom Fatigued’. The core focus of virtual conferencing should be on value-add, engaging, organised, professional presentations, with some light-hearted fun to brighten someone’s day.

As experts in the corporate events world, let us do all the planning and executing for you. We’ve done the research for you so bring us on board today. You can email me on megan@eventaffairs.co.za and let’s plan your virtual extravaganza!

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