5 Tips for virtual teambuilding

Little did we know that 2020 would be the year that reminded us not to take the small things for granted. From the catch-up sessions with your colleagues at work with a hot cup of coffee in hand to the shared jokes in between tasks, team meet-ups and strategy sessions. I bet you even miss your early Monday morning team meeting. We’re all missing some aspects of what was whilst doing out utmost to embrace what is. What is very clear though is that staff are feeling disconnected, overwhelmed, consumed with uncertainty and stress, and staff performance is being impacted.

To get the buzz back in your team, host a fun and engaging virtual teambuilding workshop. Here's how. 

A small gesture goes a long way.

Your staff need some form of collaboration, community, and connectivity more than ever. The smallest gesture like having an early ‘Friday afternoon virtual-drink-and-catch-up with a theme’ can go a long way to make everyone feel connected. Play some games or break into ‘chill-out’ rooms to chat and discuss your week whilst in the comfort of your own home. This will go a long way instead of simply keeping everything ‘business as usual’. You can send out cocktail kits, bar snacks, or a quirky item or gift to each staff members’ home to make it extra special.

The best team wins.

Having an ongoing competition with weekly prizes is a great way to keep everyone in good spirits and bring out that competitive nature. A pub quiz format works well too and most vendors that offer this service have successfully created an online version that’s very effective.

Health and wellness.

Offer a weekly or bi-weekly wellness class such as yoga, tai chi, meditation, laughing exercises, cardio and HIIT sessions. You could also get a local caterer on board to give your staff some healthy recipes and ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Have a cook-off with a themed menu – the best-presented plate wins!

Chef Matt Manning has a fabulous offering: send your staff a delectable food package and everyone logins to cook with Chef Matt. They will feel spoilt and it will create a sense of connectivity.


We have some great activities for teambuilding such as a type of  ‘virtual escape room’, creative workshops, communication-based games, and some fun and energy-inducing activities – all online! Other ideas include doing an art jamming session at home with an art kit, mini easel and canvas, or online Pictionary. We have teamed up with some experts in this field to create something truly unique and outcomes-based for you.

Set up engagement sessions.

Have a regular recognition challenge where you encourage your staff to share a personal achievement and to highlight and recognise a colleague’s achievement. Schedule a weekly lunch break within teams or small groups where they can catch up over lunch, chat about their weekend, share their concerns or have a little gripe session. You could also have a ‘show and tell’ where individual team members share their hobbies or skills with the rest of their teams whether it’s baking scones, teaching your colleagues how to knit, doing a wine tasting or instructing a yoga class. Or have a ‘hobby challenge’ for a month where everyone has to learn a new skill to share with the team.

The options are endless, and truly are lots of fun. Most of us are of the opinion that nothing beats in-person communication, socialising and networking but whilst the pandemic is out of our control, our attitude towards what the future holds is within our control. Let’s get optimistic, laugh a little and embrace the change with open arms. I’m up for the challenge, are you?

Get in touch with us today on megan@eventaffairs.co.za and let’s create a virtual experience that will blow everyone’s minds.

Yours virtually,

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