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Bridal makeup tips by Yolande du Toit

Jan 20, 2021 | Wedding Planning, Trends, Advice & Tips

Yolande du Toit is a very talented hair and makeup artist that I’ve worked with since the beginning of Event Affairs’ inception. I trust her professionalism and skill so much that I recommend her to the most nervous bride. In fact, she did the makeup at my wedding, and frankly, I would not have had it any other way.

I asked Yolande to supply three basic makeup tips for brides who are unsure of their look. I’m saying unsure because I have met some brides who come armed with such a thick look book,  they’ve pretty much done half my job and that of my suppliers.  So, for the less than confident, here in her own words are Yolande top three tips to look picture perfect on your wedding day.

Foundation and spray tan

“If you’re thinking of or planning on having a spray tan, don’t go overboard with the application and colour. Personally, I’m not a huge fan but if you must, then I suggest only a shade or maybe two darker than your natural colour. Makeup artists need to match your foundation to your skin tone and ensure that your face isn’t paler than the rest of your body. If your spray tan is super dark, we’ll have to match with a darker foundation which will leave the overall look so unnatural.”

Bold Lips

“I love a statement lip for a bride, however, you have to feel super comfortable and confident or the camera will pick up on how nervous or conscious you are feeling. I’ll never recommend a bold lip if you don’t normally wear one. If you choose a bold lip colour, then opt for a soft smokey eye or a nude eye. The focus should be on one, not both. Also, remember that a bold lip requires a little bit of admin. It has to look perfect all day and well into the night so touch up, touch up, touch up!”

Smokey eyes and eyeliner

“I always say you are either a fan of a liquid wing liner or not. This look doesn’t suit everyone because it really has to work with the shape and size of your eyes. If it doesn’t suit you, there are so many other ways to make your eyes pop.  You can still have a smokey eye, but instead of a “harsher” liquid line, we’ll frame your eyes with a darker, matte, shadow. This simple trick will create a beautiful mood around the eyes without a hard looking line.”

So, now that you have your makeup sorted thanks to Yolande, you may be in the market for a wedding planner. Email me at I know a really good one.

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