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Wedding Trends to Obsess Over in 2018

Sep 27, 2017 | Wedding Inspiration & Ideas, Weddings

With 2017 swiftly making its way out, it’s time to look at 2018 and see what trends are forecasted for this very exciting year ahead. What has been pretty evident of late is the two extremes of natural and understated versus opulent and bold. We’ve also seen many bridal couples going back to the core of what weddings are all about and opting for less fuss, less guests and less extravagance. We still have our fair share of glam, glitz and gorgeousness, so what’s in store for the upcoming year? In short, wedding trends for 2018 has something for everyone.

Keeping it Casual

It’s been coming for some time and now it’s pretty pertinent; many bridal couples are moving away from the big, extravagant weddings and electing for more low-key, relaxed gatherings. Some are cutting their guest lists right down to a really intimate occasion and others are choosing unique or unusual locations as opposed to the traditional wedding venues. The wonderful thing about this is that bridal couples are eager to get creative with locations for their wedding which makes quite an impact on their guests. This also allows more room for the personality of the couple to shine through.

Relaxed Dining

Whilst family-style dining is still such a popular choice for weddings, and will carry through to 2018, unique concepts are bearing through again. Food trucks burst onto the scene in 2014 and this unconventional concept is gaining momentum once again. It works well with the laidback, more casual settings of backyards and garden style weddings. There are so many options out there now to suit any palate – think gourmet pizzas to Thai-inspired canapes.

Décor Dreams

Enter: the mismatched table! It’s no longer ‘a thing’ for each table to look identical and couples are electing unique looks with an “anything goes” attitude. Prominent in interior design, we are likely to see a lot of brass with rose gold bowing out. Reminiscent of the 70s, the brass look suits the bohemian bride with a wistful glance back at a simpler time. Watch out for iridescent and all its shiny rainbow hues.

Casual isn’t for Everyone

A casual wedding is great, but many couples still want their once-in-a-lifetime extravagant affair. There are some bold and gorgeous trends for 2018 to suit this style. In complete contrast to Pantone’s 2017 colour Greenery which inspired elegant green and white floral pieces, couples adopting the bold look will be choosing bright colours. The floral designs will be as daring as the colours, with an over-abundance of flowers being used. This will be paired with audacious prints to create loud and noticeable décor.

Wedding Attire Uncovered

From black tones and dresses adorned in Pearls, 2018 has some exciting wedding dress couture on offer. The Wedding Cape is forecasted to be a popular trend as well as the addition of fabric flowers creating a whimsical look on a normally simple gown. Low cut necklines and gorgeously over-the-top sleeves are a new addition to the otherwise traditional gown.

That being said, as we always say at Event Affairs, ensure your wedding is a reflection of you as a couple, be true to who you are and allow that to dictate the look and feel of your wedding, and not the latest trends. Incorporate the trends that appeal to you but ultimately you should guide the trend and not the other way around. We are certainly looking forward to seeing what 2018 offers and creating the wedding of your dreams.

Until next time, stay trendy.
The EA Team