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It’s All About the Good Food and Wine

Jun 2, 2017 | Food and Drinks, Wedding Catering, Wedding Catering Trends & Ideas, Weddings

The Good Food and Wine Show is in town and we can’t wait to sample the deliciousness! Which brings us to one of our favourite elements of any event: Catering. Whether you’re a die-hard foodie or not, we cannot stress how important it is to ensure your guests are well-fed at all times. It can make or break your event. Choosing your wedding menu isn’t a case of simply selecting food items from a list. It also doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank. You won’t have to fly celebrity chef, Wolfgang Puck, over to ensure your guests get the best. When it comes to chefs, caterers and passionate foodies, South Africa definitely has talent. We’ve worked with some of the best in the industry and helped craft countless numbers of wedding menus, fit for a king or queen! What advice do we always give our hungry clients?

Make it personal
We once worked with a lovely bridal couple who happened to be vegan. In fact, their entire wedding was sustainable – including table décor that guests could take home and plant in their garden, how divine? So, they ditched the seared fillet and stuck to a strictly vegan menu. Who knew veggies could be so delicious and filling! The point is that they stayed true to their style as a couple. If you happen to love meat or fish, then by all means include those dishes on your big day. It’s all about you! Well, just make sure you cater for all dietary requirements. We don’t want anyone to go hungry.

Make it substantial
Which bring us to our next point. There’s nothing worse than grumbling stomachs after a long day of nuptials. Bear in mind the time of your ceremony and reception. If you’re asking guests to be there at 12pm, chances are they haven’t had lunch. As soon as the formalities are over, treat them to some canapés and light refreshments. Don’t let them mill around without having some sustenance. And if they’re in for a long night of dancing, why not bring out some midnight snacks to keep them going? They’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness!

Make it an experience
We always say that Event Affairs is in the business of creating experiences. But does that experience include food? Absolutely! When Mr. Puck is asked to design a menu for an event, he doesn’t just think about sustenance. Any great caterer will consider each aspect of the event and create a menu that adds to the overall experience. It’s all about the details – the way the food is presented, what is served and how the food and drink complement one another. If you and your partner are mad about wine, why not pair your reception menu with wine? An experience leaves your guests feeling more than satisfied. It’s those moments that make a wedding memorable. And good memories last a lifetime!

Until then, stay hungry.
The EA Team

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