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The Ultimate Wedding Accessory Guide

May 31, 2017 | Weddings

Okay, by now you’ve probably made a few lists. Guest lists, to-do lists and the list goes on. We don’t want to add to your plate, but we highly recommend making a small list of all the accessories you and your man will need on the day. As passionate event specialists, we believe that the devil is in the detail. The small details add up and make the biggest difference on the day. So, before things get super hectic you might want to start jotting down those little things you’ll need. Give your list to your Maid of Honour and Best Man. Save the list on your phone, and add to it as you think about those details. Before you get started, we’ve made some suggestions:

etsy earrings
Image: Etsy

Earrings, necklace, bracelet – whatever you’ve decided to wear on the day! Once you have your dress and shoes, you’ll want to source a gorgeous piece of arm, neck or ear candy to add to your final look. If you’re looking for something borrowed, why not lend a piece of jewellery from someone special?


bride and groom feet

Image: Huffington Post

Unless you’re having a barefoot beach wedding, you won’t want to forget these important items! Make sure you’ve worn in that gorgeous pair of shoes before you make your grand entrance down the aisle. No one wants a wobbly bride! And you might want to remind that man of yours to give his shoes a clean or polish ahead of your big day.


Under Garments
While there’s nothing sexy about a pair of Bridget Jones undies, sometimes you need a little help to look absolutely flawless in your wedding dress. Ensure that you have the right support on the day, because your comfort is important. Take your chosen undergarments to at least one fitting to make sure there are no lines or exposed bra straps. You can always do a sneaky change into something skimpy before your new husband sees you on your wedding night!

Jannie & Kate - Wedding (264)

Whether you’ve decided on a veil, crown or both, get your hair stylist to play around with it during your trial. A headpiece isn’t an afterthought – it should complement and work with your overall look.

Shawl or Jacket
If you need to cover your shoulders during the ceremony for religious reasons, or you need to keep warm at night, we love how a shawl or jacket can complete a bride’s look. Again, think about this in advance and make sure your dressmaker or Maid of Honour has seen it. They’ll be able to give you honest feedback, so you can be confident knowing that it adds (and doesn’t detract) from your dress.

Image: Vivid Blue Studio

And last, but not least, the rings!
You’d be surprised how often this happens. A nervous bride and groom stand at the altar, the marriage officer asks for the rings and no one comes forward. You’ll need your engagement ring, his ring and your new wedding band – yay! Assign your most responsible friend or relative to handle this task. It’s probably the most important accessory of the day!

Until then, stay organised.
The EA Team