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How to be the Best Bridesmaid Ever

Feb 7, 2017 | Weddings

Let’s be honest. Theoretically, we could list thousands of reasons why you need to hire a wedding planner. You can read tons of articles on the subject and speak to as many brides as you want – you only truly understand what it takes to plan a wedding once you’re engaged. Our founder Megan has seen it all when it comes to planning. But what really opened their eyes was the moment they, quite literally, put themselves in the brides’ shoes at their respective weddings.

There will be things that didn’t go according to plan. Certain visions you had of the day won’t materialise the way you wanted them to – and that’s okay. We guess this is why having a planner by your side is crucial. You don’t want to wish the time away so that you don’t have to feel the stress and pressure of wedding planning. Our job is to make this time enjoyable, bearable and something you’ll always remember, for the right reasons.

Here are the main reasons why you need us by your side every step of the way.

Budget, budget, budget
Unless your name is Prince William or Kate Middleton, we’re assuming you don’t have $34 million to spend on your upcoming nuptials. That’s totally fine! As your planner, we’ll not only ensure that we stick to your budget but we’ll also guide you on how much things should cost. If you really want a band but it’s taking up too much of the budget, we can advise alternatives or recommend suppliers that won’t charge an arm and a leg. We’ll also spend time finding out your must-haves versus the nice-to-haves, so you get everything you wanted on the day.

We keep you on track

On that note, your vision often changes while you’re planning a wedding. In the beginning you get an idea of what you want and as the day approaches, you may see something else you like. That’s okay! You’ve got other things going on. You’re dealing with bridesmaids, mothers, fathers, aunties, and cousins. Our focus is simple: You and your wedding. We’ll remind you of your initial vision and keep you on track in terms of those must-haves and nice-to-haves. Again, we’re here to advise and support you throughout the process. As long as you’re stress-free, we know we’re doing our job!

Don’t Take Centre Stage
Believe it or not, Lady Gaga was a bridesmaid at her a good friend’s wedding and, get this — she looked absolutely normal. She ditched the meat dress and neon heels and donned a lilac full-length gown instead. If she can do it, so can you. It’s the most important day of her life and being the centre of attention is reserved for the bride only.

Be Open Minded
Perhaps the bridesmaid dresses aren’t in your favourite colour. It’s difficult to choose a colour that suits 4 or 5 people. Whatever you do, don’t say nasty things about the dresses behind your friend’s back. If you have a real problem, chat to the bride-to-be immediately and come up with a solution together.

Get to Know Each Other
You may have known your best friend since school, but over the years you gather friends from all walks of life. Maybe the other bridesmaids include her fiancé’s sister, a work friend or a yoga buddy. Now you’re bound together by one mutual friend and a very special event. You might as well get to know each other better. Make an effort and ask them to coffee. You only have new friends to gain.

Until next time, stay awesome.
The EA Team