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Floral Designer vs Florist

May 16, 2016 | Weddings

Florists are generally known for producing impressive arrangements for any event or wedding. They are quite widespread and therefore easy to find. They also tend to be more cost effective dealing in a larger quantity of bookings. This means that they tend to juggle trillions of orders at the same time, and therefore, their busiest time would be, well, anytime…

Floral Designers are much more specialised and therefore incredibly creative with all ten of their fingers dipped in the enhancing world of creating. They assist in achieving an overarching theme with flowers and will spend an enormous amount of time focusing on you and what you need before they set off to the next client. But the downside is that they will lean more toward the heavier side of the budget…

In order to decide which you require, you need to decide which approach is best suited to the experience you are planning. Is it a conference or an event with a rather constricted budget – you would then benefit mostly from a Florist as the floral elements are generally there to add a softness to the venue, not to be a focal point. Are you planning a romantic wedding and are a little open minded with the budget – a Floral Designer is your best bet!

Before you decide on the Floral budget and what you can and can’t afford, remember that the cost is dependent on the actual flowers that you choose to use as well as the season, amount required, complication of arrangements and time factors that impact the price. Happy floral planning!

Until Next Week!

The EA Team.