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Could your Home be the next Venue?

May 16, 2016 | Wedding Venue, Weddings

We are in the midst the busiest time of the year and many venues are already booked up! Therefore, because of the high demand for private, more unique venues, the hottest trend is renting private homes for events and weddings. This trend is rapidly growing and homeowners, this is a great way to earn some extra cash and put stunning properties to good use! But before you get ahead of yourself and offer your home up to prospective clients, now is a good time to do a few upgrades or tweaks to ensure the property is top notch…

Take a peek at the following tips, to get a head start!

  • A State-of-the-Art Kitchen

The more modern your kitchen, the more clients you will sign! With a kitchen that has all the latest gadgets and finest technologies, it will be easier for prospective clients to host events at your home. Caterers can just show up and get to the cooking as opposed to having to bring in all the equipment they require. This addition will also add serious value to your property too!

  • Visual Appeal

When you think about any event or wedding, they all have one thing in common – they are all hosted at a venue that is visually appealing. This comes down to basic look and feel accomplished with the addition of stylish décor. Think floral elements, elegantly finished lounge pockets and decorative smalls. The biggest bonus is always a great landscape on your property. A backyard completes a fresh look with lush green lawns and colourful flowers! With a stunning landscape you can convert a property into a perfect venue for garden weddings.

  • Sentimentality Free Zone

A clean slate or blank canvas in a new venue is very important. It allows events coordinators, stylist and decorators to develop something specific to the client whilst building on the existing basics. It’s an exciting experience to create something new and spectacular from an up and coming venue.

Remove sentimental items like photographs, paintings and family heirlooms from the venue in case they are damaged or worse, lost! Clear out excess furniture and create open space for cocktail tables and lounge pockets – maybe even a dance floor!

So with all these useful tips you will be sure to generate not only a good-looking home, but also a great looking income too! Always on the lookout for new venues, the EA Team would love to assist you in the process so get in touch should your property be the next up and coming space!

Until Next Week!

The EA Team.

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