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What makes the perfect Maid of Honour?

May 13, 2016 | Bride and Groom, Weddings

But, as Spiderman’s Grandfather famously said, “With great power, comes great responsibility”. This means being at the end of a 2am phone call to brainstorm floral arrangements as well as endless fittings and “do I look fat” questions. However, even with all that pressure, you will wear a smile at every turn being the Perfect Maid of Honour!

If this is your first time being a Maid of Honour don’t panic! We have some fantastic tips to ensure you live up to your Bride’s dreams for her special day.


  • Lend a helping hand and ear to the Bride.
  • Attend wedding dress shopping and fittings.
  • Lead the Bridal Party! Make sure they purchase their dresses and accessories, confirm hair and make up appointments and help coordinate travel and accommodation.
  • Host or co-host the Bridal Shower.
  • Plan the Bachelorette Party.
  • Attend all pre-wedding events, including the engagement party, rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

The Big Day


  • Make sure you are well versed in the wedding timeline and details of who needs to be where and when.
  • Get prepped and dressed with the Bride.
  • Prepare an emergency kit for the Bride to keep with you, with her lipstick, small bottle of perfume, blister plasters, gum, needle and cotton and anything else she might need.
  • Once the Bride has walked down the aisle, arrange her veil and train and hold her bouquet during the exchange of vows.


  • Help the Bride to be seated – her train and veil can be tricky!
  • Play host along with the Best Man by directing guests to the Guestbook or any entertainment that the couple may have arranged.
  • Dance with the Best Man during the first formal dance – thereafter you can dance with whomever you choose!
  • Make sure the Bride eats, and drinks enough water.
  • Give a toast to the Newlyweds after the Best Man.
  • Help out with any last details at the end of the night, such as making sure the gifts are securely transported.

Post- Wedding

  • Make sure all the wedding gifts are safely collected from the venue and transported to their final destination.
  • Help the Bride pack for the Honeymoon!

Wedding planners are great when it comes to what needs to be done when. Being professionals, we are well versed in who should be in control of which elements and when best they should be carried out. So, if all else fails, chat to us and we’ll let you know if you are on the right track and we will lend a helping hand. Enjoy the time as the supporting role to your leading lady – next time it could be you up there as the Bride!

Until Next Week!

The EA Team.

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