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Ancient Rome was where the first noted tradition originated from, where bread was broken over the Bride’s head to bring good fortune to the couple in their years to come. In medieval England, numerous cakes were stacked as high as possible for the bride and groom to kiss over – an effective kiss meant they were assured a thriving long life together!

This is where the Croquembouche originated – apastry chef from France, visiting medieval England, witnessed their tradition of piling sweet rolls between the bride and groom, which they attempted to kiss over without knocking them all down. The chef popped back to France and created a tower of his own utilising profiteroles and gave it a halo of spun sugar to make the very first Croquembouche.

The wedding cake comes with its fair share of superstition with some believing a slither slipped under your pillow at night would ensure dreams of your future husband! And in the 18th century, newlyweds would keep their wedding cake until their first wedding anniversary to avoid marital difficulties in the years to come – this was in fact one of the main reasons why fruit cake was doused in brandy – to preserve it to last the year…enter the traditional wedding cake.

All the history and superstition aside, today your wedding cake is the exclamation point of your reception, what all your guests will gaze at, and surely send their taste buds into over drive when they eventually get a slice! With hundreds of different styles, flavours and sizes to choose from, it’s no wonder you are up to your eyeballs in, well, cake! Here are our favourites to help you…

The Naked Cake

Stunningly unique, giving an almost rustic and raw emotion to the wedding. The Naked Cake oozes vulnerability and wholeness from the get go, whether it has the customary three or four tiers, or is drenched in a delectable salted caramel sauce. Consider stepping away from the traditional and into the modern, you may find it was the tastiest step you have ever taken.

The Buttercream Cake

A well-known winner! One of the most versatile cakes on the block from ingredients to flavour combinations, to colour, it can be made to fit the Bride and Groom’s style down to a T. More flexibility is also key here with regards to styling and decorating than perhaps The Naked Cake.

Dare to be Different!

Don’t be scared to stray away from the traditional tiered cakes and do something wild, crazy and personal. Present something that is perhaps a favourite of yours to introduce to your guests. Or ditch the sweet option completely and have a cake totally made out of cheese – think Gouda, Large Camembert Rounds, Cheddar and Blue!

When it comes to your Wedding Cake, a pre-wedding tasting is always a good idea. Ask your Wedding Planner to put you in touch with their favourite bakers and spend some time fawning over all the options in person!

Until next week!

The EA Team.

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