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The Answer to all your Wedding Favour Nightmares.

May 13, 2016 | Wedding Planning, Trends, Advice & Tips, Weddings

The logical place to start would be the actual meaning of wedding favours – why do we put ourselves through the hell of thinking not only what our guests want and need, but how it all ties into your planning and more importantly, your budget! The French Aristocracy were in fact the first to think of the wedding favour and they bestowed upon it the most beautiful name – a “Bonbonniere”.

The Bonbonniere was usually a small, simple box crafted from Crystals and other precious stones. Within them they held France’s patisserie treasures – heavens, don’t you wish you could travel back in time to receive one of these wedding favours!? OK, before you loose your mind thinking of where you are going to source crystals and how long it’s going to take you to glue gun them in place… Know that the reason and secret behind these gifts to the guests symbolize unblemished happiness and a lifetime of good luck, so a lot of the time, it’s the thought that counts!

Lets cut away from the history lesson at this point as I show you just three really thoughtful gifts that are utterly stunning, as well as little quirky and thoughtful.

Personalised luggage tags for your ultimate destination wedding. It is a flawless way to get your guests excited and thrilled to hop on a flight that could lead to the agonized feeling of jet lag. This gift not only excites, but it holds a memory that can not be forgotten, it will always be there when your guests happen to pack their travel bag for a surprise trip or even when they use it to identify their bag on the baggage carousel. It will be that tiny reminder to your guests that they spent a sacred day with friends and family at your special Wedding.

Next up, a simple, cost effective, eco-friendly and beautiful way to show your love to you family and friends as well as nature. Going green is super in right now and this thoughtful gift allows you to have your guests go green too. A small teaspoon size amount of seeds to be planted by guests in their very own gardens! You could even make the seeds the Wedding Flowers or just your favorite flowers. As your guests plant them and watch them grow in life, light and love they will think back to your special day. Also a nice option for a Wedding in South Africa is you could give seeds of our national flower, the Protea to take home to wherever they are in the world.

This last and final gift can only be described as the gift of giving. Why not acknowledge your special day by doing something extraordinary in the honour of your marriage and your guests through a donation to one of your favourite charities? There are endless possibilities from adopting an animal through the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) or food and blankets to The Pet Rescue Society. There is nothing quite like the feeling of giving to others and what a special gift to give on behalf of your guests!

Wow, I hope our Blog has given you as much inspiration as it has given us! Its always great to get to the facts of the matter and understand what the tradition is about to bring you back to the point of the gift – giving.

Good luck in finding your perfect gift!

The EA Team.