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Summer Wedding Tips

May 13, 2016 | Weddings

We have, from experience at numerous sweaty summer weddings, come across several simple and easy-going ways to keep cool and ensure your wedding is one of unflappable proportions.


Outdoors wedding ceremonies in the summer are utterly breath-taking but of course the sun can be terribly hot. Ensure guests concentrate on your vows rather than the sweltering heat – and what better way to block out the sun than dainty parasols! They are available in an incredible array of colours to suit your wedding theme or just plain white, which against the green grass looks amazing. Remember to hand them out as guests arrive and take their seats!

Non-Alcoholic Refreshments

For a summer wedding, guests need to be comfortable in the heat and remain fully hydrated. As enticing as an ice cold beer or a crisp glass of bubbly may sound, on an empty stomach in 30-degree heat, this is not a good idea. Rather opt for a selection of infused waters, iced teas and homemade cordials, which are a great way to ensure that guests are cool and revitalised.

Iced Popsicles

Why not cool your guests down in a fun and interesting way with bespoke popsicles! These tasty iced treats are a massive winner and guests can come back for more, as they are water-based as opposed to cream-based. Healthy, seasonal and cost effective – these little iced treats add amusing pops of colour and can be personalised to the favourite taste combinations of the Bride and Groom.

Summer is, and will remain, a fabulous season to tie the knot – long lazy days, warm nights and let’s not forget the holidays! The most consistent from a weather point of view being basically immune to rain! Plan ahead and consult a wedding planner for top tips, not just to suit your wedding, but also the venue you have chosen.

Until next week!

The EA Team.

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