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Cutlery Ideas

May 13, 2016 | Wedding Inspiration & Ideas, Weddings

So tradition dictates a set of cutlery per course that is generally placed on the table beforehand hence your arrival to a table that resembles a cutlery drawer. These days you can breathe a sigh of relief with the knowledge that this doesn’t happen very often anymore. It is way more fun to try new and quirky ways to display cutlery and there are so many trends out there to try out!

Therefore, we give you our top 3 settings of the moment:

  1. All Tied Up

Quite a simple one but it can really change up the look and feel of your dining table. Of course, if you have several courses, you will be challenged with bunching a ton of cutlery together which your guests will have to wearily work through to determine which is for what so it certainly works best for a two course menu. If, however, you are treating your guests to more than two courses, have each course’s cutlery tied up on the table and once cleared have the next courses’ cutlery served to the table in their own bundle.

This option is also a wonderful opportunity to add in another décor element such as a satin coloured ribbon, twine or raffia to match the corporate colours of the business or a hint of lace & sprig of greenery to an antique or rustic type Wedding.

  1. Gold Finger

Gold cutlery has made a huge appearance over the past year at both Events and Weddings. And with the upcoming Wedding season boasting lots of Rose Gold themes, we are going to see loads more of this trend. This opulent addition can take the entire table setting up a glorious notch and because of its demand there are some beautiful options to choose from – from contemporary style to antique.

  1. Pop of Colour

This is a fun option and such a great way to introduce colour to a table. It can of course be done with any style of cutlery with many options available which is great – you can then have an elegant Corporate Year End dinner one night and a fun Wedding the next!

This is a fun DIY option for you and your Bridesmaids before the big day however if you are not feeling up to it, why not commission your stationery supplier to have some made up for you out of perspecs which comes in an array of colors. Even just an addition of a colorful butter knife can make all the difference. There are a few local suppliers that can give you some amazing options but lets hope with demand we can have way more availability soon as this is one of our favorites!

Cutlery really does not need to be your run of the mill set nor does it need to make you feel as if you’re in an episode of Downton Abbey! As trends develop we ensure that we are on top of our game by acquiring fantastic options for both corporate clients as well as Bridal Couples to give you fun, quirky and personal options for your special event. We look forward to designing something special just for you!

Until Next Week!

The EA Team