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The Rings

Mar 25, 2016 | Weddings

The Engagement Ring has been a symbol of love through the ages having been around since ancient Roman times. They in fact started the trend of it being placed on the fourth left hand finger as it was believed that the Vena Amoris, a vein said to run directly to the heart, was the most appropriate place for this symbol of love.

One of the most important elements of a marriage proposal has become the Engagement Ring. Following tradition, when a woman receives one they are expected to wear it from the time of the proposal onwards thereby declaring their belonging to all and sundry.

The Wedding ring or band is usually much more simple in design compared to the Engagement ring, they generally do not have a jaw dropping diamond commanding its center or a gemstone to make your dreams come true. But it is the most important ring and it symbolizes the actual union. This is when you and your husband exchange rings and therefore share the said union as one.

Some men generously allow the lucky lady to participate in the designing of the Engagement Ring thereby ensuring satisfaction. However others prefer to take a gamble and enjoy the obvious element of surprise by handling all aspects on their own. The very excited couple will then go about the process of choosing or creating their Wedding Bands – for the men it may be a simple task but the same is not true for the lovely ladies, oh no… The Engagement ring needs to be considered, as both rings need to compliment each other as well as remain utterly timeless allowing them to be worn for years to come…

The art of the Proposal is something special all on it’s own! We find ourselves quite frequently asked to assist in this special moment, which cannot be more wonderful for us! Imagine meeting the Bride before she knows she is the Bride! The Groom-to-be is of course nervous so who better to assist than the Wedding Planners to ensure every minute detail in a very carefully considered plan is taken care of, as it will be on their wedding day.

So, as you snap back to reality, look down at that left hand – be it laden with a gorgeous Engagement Ring, soon to be kitted out with a Wedding Band or bare with major potential, remember the true sentiments on the tradition: Love.

Until next week,

The EA Team