10 Tips on choosing your perfect Wedding Venue

10 Tips on choosing your perfect Wedding Venue

1. Budget – It’s best to get the worst part out of the way as soon as possible. It’s really disappointing to fall in love with a venue, only to realise it is not within your budget.

2. Wedding Date – Choose your wedding date before you go look at venues. They tend to book out up to a year in advance. Secure the date and pay your deposit to ensure you have the day booked.

3. Head Count – Before selecting venue options, ensure you have a fair idea of how many people you are inviting to your special day. This way you can make sure your venue can physically seat that amount of people in the chosen space.

4. Seasons – Determine whether you want to have a summer or winter wedding. In summer you are going to need shade and air conditioners. For winter perhaps a fireplace or the option for heating.

5. Weather – This is secondary to the season you will be getting married in, as some winters are warm and some summers are wet depending where you are tying the knot. This will aid you in the selection of an outdoor or indoor area. Be sure to ask the venue if they have a backup space should the weather be unpleasant.

6. Accessibility – It is not ideal to have guests have to walk miles to the wedding venue. Make sure it is easy to reach for all guests or book shuttles from the parking area for all guests. If you have a handicapped guest, ensure that the venue and all its facilities are wheelchair friendly.

7. Food – Does the venue have an in-house caterer, a list of preferred caterers or are you completely free to bring in your own caterer? It’s a good idea to go for a tasting before your wedding just to make sure the food is what you expect it to be.

8. Pay Attention – Check out the entire venue on your site visit, including the restrooms, foyer as well as indoor and outdoor lighting. Don’t forget to ask if they have staff present on the day to ensure that all areas are clean and tidy at all times.

9. Get Everything in Writing – Everything that is promised to you absolutely must be in writing and signed by both parties to ensure there are no nasty surprises or let downs closer to the time.

10. Ambience – The most important aspect of it all is that you feel comfortable in the space you go to see. You will immediately know if it is “the” space for your Wedding Day!

Planning your wedding should be the best time of your life, and as stress-free as possible. Involving a wedding planner ensures that all the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed with a minimum of discomfort to you. The EA Wedding Planning team have a repertoire of incredible venues and are just waiting to share them with you...

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