To Treat or not to Treat?

To Treat or not to Treat?

Are you worried about budget this year as we all are? We, as event managers, have found that year after year budgets have been cut on events, especially staff events such as year-end functions. Research has shown that your staff are key to making your company the success that it is. In the words of Richard Branson, “clients do not come first, employees come first, you take care of your employees, and they will take care of your clients” so you ask yourself, why have a year-end event for your staff? It’s simple…because they deserve it.

To reward your staff for their hard work, even though you are on a strict budget, we have put together a list of some necessities followed by some ‘nice to have’s’ to show your staff a good time:

Must Have’s:

If you do not have budget for a venue hire, consider having your staff party at your offices in the canteen or common area where we come in and transform the area into something fantastic. Alternatively, look at restaurants or venues that do not have a venue hire.

Catering & Beverages
This is an important element to include in your budget. Food is a must but allocate a tab to the beverages and have only select few on offer. If this isn’t an option, then just include a welcome drink and staff can buy their own beverages after that.

There is nothing better than bringing staff together at an event after a long year where there is some fun filled activity for everyone to be a part of. To make sure your staff have a say, send out some suggestions your staff and get them to vote and let the best experience win.

Different Experiences 
Cape Town is full of wonderful experiences. You may think you have done it all, but there are certainly ways to re-invent the wheel in the Mother City. Contact our team for some fabulous ideas.


Nice to haves:

If budget allows and you are going all out, here is a list of nice to:

1. A well-known DJ or band to liven up any year-end party

2. A photobooth is a fun way of  bonding with your colleagues over some pink wigs and oversized glasses

3. Add in a photographer to document the night. Better yet, get a videographer or the latest trend: drone videography

4. Get your invitations designed by a professional stationer – this adds a sophisticated touch to any event

5. Hire a gourmet catering company or a well-known celeb chef to cater for your staff. They will come up with a menu to die for, leaving your staff well fed and pampered

6. Other wow factors such as Ice sculptures, fire dancers, famous live acts or bands and surprise celebrities can really make your staff feel like they have been thought of and treated to the max

Qatar Airways Dinner-204

If this all sounds like too much effort, get in touch with Event Affairs and we will create the perfect experience for you and your staff. Event Affairs is offering year-end packages that are affordable, fun and will allow your team to let their hair down as well as strengthen their bond as a unit. Event affairs has all these ideas at our fingertips, so call us now for a year-end celebration your staff will remember, as simple or as elaborate as you like.

Until next time, stay motivated.
The EA Team