The only six-month wedding countdown you’ll ever need.

The only six-month wedding countdown list you’ll ever need.

The only six-month wedding countdown you’ll ever need.

First comes love, then comes hair, makeup, waxing, laser peels, spray tans and nails, then only the marriage. Planning for a beauty routine for your wedding day could be so overwhelming and stressful, calling it off may seem like the only solution. Depending on how high or low-maintenance your regime is, we have complied an easy-to-follow countdown with Langaro Lifestyle Centre in Cape Town, which should take the pain out of your beauty routine.

Six months to go

  1. Start your healthy eating plan and exercise routine – drink plenty of water, eat clean and get loads of sleep.
  2. Book an eyebrow appointment. Caterpillar brows do not turn into perfect arches overnight.
  3. Schedule your first hair and makeup appointments. Take your file of inspiration pics and be clear with your stylist on what look you want to achieve. What you choose may not suit your hair length, or skin colour so be prepared to surrender somewhat. Fine tune the colour, and avoid drastic cuts. (hair & make-up trials are normally done a month or less before the day so not sure if we should have this here. You can schedule it 6 months in advance but not sure if it’s confusing?)

Five months to go.

  1. Now is good time to have your first baby fraxel skin peel. Any reactions will heal within a month which will give you time to decide on whether you want another or just leave it be. Our preferred treatment is Clear + Brilliant as its completely safe and suitable at treating a variety of skin conditions.
  2. Same principle applies to testing a spray tan. A bright orange will tone down considerably with time to spare before the big day.
  3. Book all appointments for hair, waxing, nails and facials. It’s easier to cancel nearer the time than panic if your preferred salon is fully booked.

Four months to go

  1. How are those brows doing? Maintain the shape and consider tinting them.
  2. If your skin glowed after your fraxel laser peel, your could have your second appointment now. 3 sessions is the ideal amount for optimal results in treating fine lines and acne.
  3. Keep up that eating plan and exercise routine. Drink lots of water to flush out toxins caused by stress.

Three months to go.

  1. Have a facial (or your third Clear + Brilliant laser treatment) trim your hair, and get a mani and pedi.
  2. Touch up your hair colour. From now, it’s all maintenance with no surprises.
  3. If you’re considering straightening unruly curls, now is the time to have one. We recommend MykroKeratin because of its almost undetectable chemical content, and efficacy in maintaining moisture.

Two months to go

  1. Top up on your stray tan, and book the final session for the last 3 days before the big day.
  2. Those eyebrows should be nearing perfection right now. Aren't you glad we started early?
  3. Get another mani and pedi. Trial your wedding day nail art or Gelish. Keep cuticles well oiled, nails trimmed and stop chewing those cuticles.

One month to go

  1. Do a final makeup trial and photograph it. This will be the look your makeup artist needs to recreate.
  2. Keep working out and drinking water. All your hard work will start showing now.
  3. Even your brows will look like a movie stars’.

Three weeks to go

  1. Touch up on chemical hair treatments. Only the regrowth though as double layering will weaken hair shafts and cause breakage.
  2. Get a final hair trim.
  3. Get your final facial. Any extractions may lead to breakouts which need at least 15 days to heal

Two weeks to go.

  1. Keep up that workout routine. You're looking great.
  2. Cut out salt and wheat to avoid water retention and bloating.
  3. Pack a beauty kit: wet wipes, lipstick, concealer, blotting paper, ear buds, hand lotion, baby powder and band aids.

One week to go.

  1. Shape your brows for that final eyelifting arch.
  2. Wax your legs, bikini area and upper lip.
  3. Get that final spray tan in nothing but your birthday suit.

The day before.

  1. Get a body scrub to slough away dead skin cells and leave you glowing.
  2. Book a singles or couples massage. We offer a wide range from deep tissue to gently dispel knots to relaxing and pampering after all you hard work. (not sure if a body scrub or massage is a great idea if you’ve had a spray tan? Not my profession but I would imagine it would affect your tan?)
  3. Get enough sleep. Baggy eyes are not considered designer wear.

And there you have it: The only six-month wedding countdown you’ll ever need.

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