7 Fantastic Years in the Industry

7 Fantastic Years in the Industry

If you had told our founders, when they launched Event Affairs in 2010, that they’d soon be running one of South Africa’s top event planning companies, their response probably would have been: “No way!” When business mogul, Richard Branson, started his first record company many moons ago, he had no idea where the journey he was about to embark on would take him. Entrepreneurship is just that – an incredible journey. A journey filled with new experiences, U-turns, stop signs and even the occasional pothole. While our industry may come across as glamourous and exciting, it’s not always French champagne and sunshine. But let us state, for the record, it is totally worth it! We sat down with the big bosses, Megan and Lindy, as they reflected on the past 7 years in business and dished out fabulous advice. Thinking of starting your own events company? Uh, you might want to read this first.

Let’s start from the top. Where did it all begin?
Megan: “I first met Lindy while we were both working in events. We not only shared a passion for the industry, we also felt a strong desire to do things differently and challenge the norm. Having little knowledge about how to run a business, I guess we were feeling brave at the time. We decided that, if we really wanted to challenge the norm, we would have to start our own company. And the rest (as they say) is history!”

So, what sets Event Affairs apart?
Lindy: “We live, eat and breathe our promise - which is to deliver an experience that is sophisticated, personal and memorable. It’s easy to follow a formula and deliver on the brief. But we’re not a factory. We’re a team of highly-skilled, passionate and creative human beings. We connect with our clients on a personal level, to understand what they want and need. Without giving away our ‘secret recipe’, we’re constantly staying ahead of trends and refreshing the way we think.”

What’s next for EA?
Megan: “The industry has evolved so much over the past 10 years. We’ve watched trends come and go, and rise again. It’s such an exciting industry to be in at the moment! Our focus, as Event Affairs, will be to develop each division using a unique approach. Planning a couple’s dream wedding and hosting 200 foreign delegates over a couple of days are so different. We have mapped out strategies for each department, which will benefit our clients and allow us to expand. I’m so proud of what the team has achieved thus far, but it’s only the beginning. Watch this space…”

Great! Any advice for those starting out in the industry?
Lindy: “There will be moments where you’ll feel overjoyed by what you do. And there will be times where you’re incredibly overwhelmed. If creating beautiful experiences for others leaves you truly satisfied, then keep doing what you’re doing. It’s worth it. Stay ahead of the trends, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and remember that you’re dealing with human beings. Live it, love it and enjoy the moment!”

Until next time, stay passionate.
The EA Team